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Accession Details

Accession: LA1253
Status: Active

  Inspected for international shipment? No

Other (Identification): PI 365905

Taxon (Solanum): S. habrochaites

Taxon (Lycopersicon): L. hirsutum f. glabratum

Donor(s): Charles Rick

Collection Number: SAL335

Site Details: In canyon of Rio Malacotos, over pass S of Loja, 15 Km S of SAL334

Collection Site: Pueblo Nuevo - Landangue

Province/Department: Loja

Country: Ecuador

Latitude/longitude: Latitude: 4 deg. 8 min. 24 sec. S; decimal: -4.140000; Longitude: 79 deg. 12 min. 0 sec. W; decimal: -79.200000

Latitude/longitude source: gazetteer (online lookup)

Elevation: 1500-2000 (m.a.s.l.)

Collection Date (mm-dd-yyyy): 09-19-1970

Population Size: +/- 12

Sample Size: 2

Habitat: Weed on road bank

Associated Biota: Passiflora, Convolvulus, grasses

Collection Notes: SAL335. 9/19/70. L. hirsutum f. glabratum. Pueblo Nuevo - Landangue. In canyon of Rio Malacatos, over pass, south of Loja, 1500 - 2,000 m elevation. This population about 15 Km south of [SAL] 334. Generally similar to 334 in morphological details except as noted below. Generally very robust plants. #1 Slightly below (S of) Pueblo Nuevo on W bank of road amongst grasses, ferns, pink flowered Passiflora sp., purple Convolvulus (see Kodachrome). Fruits rather small (1 - 1.2cm diameter), very dark broad fruit stripe, coverying up to 1/3 of fruit. Elongate (1.5 cm) and slightly pointed. #2 - part of population along bank of Rio Malacatos, next to road, +/- 12 plants in great vigor. Plant collected = 4 m across (see B/Wh). Very heavy fruit set, fruits large (1.5 - 2 cm), stripe dark but not very broad. Fruits not elongate. All fruits seen = bilocular. Photos Kodachrome of #1 (shots 23 - 25, roll #2 Loja), B/Wh of #2. #1 near Pueblo Nuevo, #2 near Landangue. See letter from Espinosa [?] re. the variants of L. hirsutum in this region. 335-1 5 fruit lots, 7 fruits in 1 larg group. -2 9 fruit lots, 16 fruits in 1 very large group. 1 [of each] to MZ 9/29.
Mating System: Facultative-SC

Sporophytic Chromosome Number: 24

Categories: Wild species

Accession year: 1970

Images: 1226-LA1253-SAL335-gla-Landague with Passiflora, Convolvulos-low.jpg

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