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Accession Details

Accession: LA0716
Status: Active

  Inspected for international shipment? Yes

Other (Identification): PI 246502

Taxon (Solanum): S. pennellii

Taxon (Lycopersicon): L. pennellii

Donor(s): Donovan Correll

Background genotype: S. pennellii

Collection Number: P173

Site Details: Near Atico from Chala along Pan-American Highway

Collection Site: Atico

Province/Department: Arequipa

Country: Peru

Latitude/longitude: Latitude: 16 deg. 13 min. 30 sec. S; decimal: -16.225000; Longitude: 73 deg. 37 min. 0 sec. W; decimal: -73.616667

Latitude/longitude source: Google Earth

Elevation: 50 (m.a.s.l.)

Collection Date (mm-dd-yyyy): 02-16-1958

Collection Notes: [From Plant Inventory records]: PI 246502. SOLANUM PENNELLII Correll. Col. No. P-173. Between Chola [Chala] and Atico, Pan-American Highway. Plants glandular-viscous; flowers yellow. [From Correll 1962 The Potato and its Wild Relatives]: Peru. -Arequipa: along Panamerican Highway between Chala and Atico, near sea level, Feb. 16, 1958, D.S. Correll & E.E. Smith P173.
Mating System: Facultative-SC

Sporophytic Chromosome Number: 24

Traits: Salt/Alkali tolerant, drought tolerance; resistance to bacterial spot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria T3), Alternaria stem canker (Alternaria alternata f.sp. lycopersici), and Fusarium

Horticultural Recommendations: greenhouse culture; water sparingly

Comments: 5/2010: added genic data from LA2987.6/2014: lat/lon revised.

Categories: Allozyme marker; Stress tolerant; Wild species

Accession year: 1959

Genes: Aco-1^1; Bnag-1^1; Dia-2^1; Est-1^5; Est-2^1; Est-5^1; Est-6^1; Est-7^2; Est-8^1; Fdh-1^1; I-3; Pgdh-2^1; Pgdh-3^1; Pgi-1^1; Pgm-2^1; Skdh-1^1; Spi^2; Tpi-2^1

Images: pen_flowers.jpg; LA0716_flower.jpg

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