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Accession Details

Accession: LA2556
Status: Active

  Inspected for international shipment? Yes

Other (Identification): PE-37

Taxon (Solanum): S. habrochaites

Taxon (Lycopersicon): L. hirsutum

Donor(s): Jesus Cuartero; Fernando Nuez

Collection Number: PIH-1888

Collection Site: Puente Moche

Province/Department: La Libertad

Country: Peru

Elevation: 2540 (m.a.s.l.)

Collection Date (mm-dd-yyyy): 06--1983

Sample Size: 3

Mating System: Unknown

Sporophytic Chromosome Number: 24

Comments: Resistant to late blight. Large flowers, stigmas exserted 2-3mm, therefore probably self-incompatible.

Categories: Wild species

Accession year: 1984

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