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Gene Details

Gene Locus name Chromosome Arm Marker type
Ve Verticillium resistance 9 S Disease
Allele Allele Name Synonyms Source Notes Phenotype  Primary         Description
-- SPON Schaible 1951 Phytopath 41:986. Source of resistance was 'Peru Wild'. Resistance to Verticillium wilt.
Yes            Disease resistance
Accessions with this gene (only Active accessions shown) (↑)
LA0276 LA0490 LA0743 LA0744 LA1022 LA1221 LA2088 LA2399
LA2414 LA2529 LA2531B LA2818 LA2820 LA2821 LA2822 LA2823
LA2824 LA2827 LA2828 LA2829 LA2830 LA2912 LA2937 LA2938
LA2939 LA2940 LA2941 LA3026 LA3029 LA3038 LA3039 LA3040
LA3041 LA3130 LA3152 LA3254 LA3258 LA3276 LA3277 LA3428
LA3471 LA3472 LA3475 LA3527 LA3528 LA3847 LA4345 LA4354

Image links (↑)
  i,sp,ve -la0490-fruit, stem.jpg - Fruit and stem of cv. VF36, accession LA0490; [photo C.M. Jones]
  i,sp,ve -la0490-infl.jpg - Inforescence of cv. VF36; Accession(s): LA0490; [photo C.M. Jones]
  i,sp,ve -la0490.jpg - Whole plant of cv. VF36, accession(s): LA0490; [photo C.M. Jones]
  br,h,I,Mi,Tm-2^a,Ve-LA1221-fruit.jpg - Fruit of brachytic (br), hairs absent (h), Immunity to Fusarium wilt race 0 (l), Meloidogyne incognita resistance (Mi), Tobacco mosaic virus resistance-2 (Tm-2), Verticillium resistance (Ve), (LA1221); [photo C.M. Jones].
  LA2529Fruit.jpg - Fruits of LA2529. Photo by Scott Peacock


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