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Tomato Seed Saving
(video by Ohio State Univ.)
"Fragile Harvest, CBC documentary (footage of Charley Rick and Miguel Holle at 16:40)"
Uniform ripening Encodes a Golden 2-like Transcription Factor Regulating Tomato Fruit Chloroplast Development
Science by Ann L. T. Powell,

NPR's Dan Charles: How The Taste Of Tomatoes Went Bad (And Kept On Going)

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog: Tomato expert’s field notes go online.

TGRC sends backup seed samples to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault
Dr. Charles M. Rick herbarium specimens catalogued by UC Davis herbarium (see page 5).

Behind the Greens: brief video on TGRC.

Interspecific Reproductive
Barriers in Tomato
Blog from a recent trip to Peru (2009).
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