John Boynton photo

John Boynton scholarship honors Charley Rick

Dr. John Boynton a former graduate student at UC Davis, bequeathed a gift to UC Davis establishing a scholarship to recognize his graduate mentor, Dr. Charles M. Rick.  The Charles Rick Endowed Fellowship in Plant Genetics is intended for Ph.D. students interested in plant genetics.  Boynton began his graduate work under Rick in 1960 -- the image below is from his 1959 admissions application -- and graduated in 1966 with a Ph.D. in Genetics.  His thesis was titled "Chlorophyll-deficient mutants of the tomato requiring Vitamin B1."   For more information on Boynton's life, scientific career, and his scholarship, read this article by Ann Filmer.

John Boynton grad student applicant

John E. Boynton