Soil Mixes

General Purpose Soil Mix
6 cu ft perlite
3 cu ft vermiculite
7.13 cu ft expanded peat moss
2 cu ft of sand
2.67 cu ft composted redwood bark
Steam for 1 hour, cool overnight.
Mix in:
4.5 lbs dolomite 65 AG
1.5 lbs Micro-Max
5 lbs. APEX (14-14-14) 3-4 month slow release fertilizer

Desert Soil Mix (for S. pennellii and S. sitiens)
Step 1: Mix ingredients below to make desert mix
1 part ground Canadian sphagnum
1 part uniform coarse sand (no silt)
1 part white pumice
1 part redwood compost
3 lbs. of oyster shell/yd
3 lbs. of dolomite/yd
3 lbs. of single super phosphate/yd
Step 2: Add additional pumice
2 parts desert mix (from above)
1 part white pumice

Fertilizer Mix for Drip Irrigation

This general purpose drip irrigation stock solution is recommended for most stocks of S. lycopersicum and most wild Solanum spp. except S. pennellii and S. sitiens (unless grafted) which should be watered and fertilized by hand to avoid overwatering.