Stock Maintenance Guidelines
Seed germination
Growing & reproducing wild species
Soil Recommendations
Key to the tomato species
Pollen collector and capsules
Guidelines for Emasculating and Pollinating Tomato Flowers
Maintenance of Solanum species by grafting
Identification of trisomics
GA, ABA, thiamine mutants
Tomato Seed Saving
(video by Ohio State Univ.)
Charley Rick and Solanum rickii, a blog post for ASA-CSA
Crop Wild Relatives in Plant Breeding, by Volk and Byrne
Video by Matt Gibson of Galápagos mockingbird feeding on S. cheesmaniae
John Boynton student fellowship honors Charles Rick
Seeds: the Diversity of Wonder
Prof. Steve Tanksley recognized with the Japan Prize (2016)
Seeds of Time (A film by Sandy McLeod)
California Report radio spot on crop wild relatives, by Casey Miner
"Fragile Harvest, CBC documentary (footage of Charley Rick and Miguel Holle)"
NPR's Dan Charles: How The Taste Of Tomatoes Went Bad (And Kept On Going)
The Crop Trust, Feeding a Growing World

Extreme Search for Tomato Genetics, Carl Jones
GRIN query page
Solanaceae source
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