Tomato fruit array (photo Peter March)
C.M. Rick Tomato Genetics Resource Center

A genebank of tomato wild relatives, mutants and other genetic stocks

Recently Added

Carlos Ochoa with Volcan Cotopaxi in the background

Carlos Ochoa, potato taxonomist who collected wild tomatoes.



Seed sample

Seed of an EMS-mutagenesis population in cv. VFNT Cherry are available.



Map display example

New search/display features have been added as part of a redesign of the TGRC website.  



Alf Kastdalen on Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos.

A short biography of Alf Kastdalen, a Norwegian settler in the Galápagos Islands who helped Charley Rick collect and study the native tomatoes.  



Miguel Castro in fishing boat

Miguel Castro, a fisherman, naturalist and conservationist who collected wild tomatoes in the Galápagos.


S. pennellii LA0716 inflorescence

Martha Mutschler's S. pennellii-derived acylsugar breeding lines are now available at the TGRC.


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