Mutagenesis Population in VFNT Cherry

TILLING population from double mutagenesis


Seed sample


The TGRC has seed of an EMS mutagenesis population in cv. VFNT Cherry (LA1221).  The population was developed by Junda Jiang, Luca Comai, Allen Van Deynze and Roger Chetelat at UC Davis, and consists of over 4,000 separate M2M3 lines.  The population is "double mutagenized" to increase the mutation rate: M1 seeds were soaked in 140mM EMS, then M2 seed were treated again with EMS.  Based on an analysis of gene sequences from a set of reference genes, we estimate the overall final mutation density in this population to be approximately 1 mutation per MBp. This mutation density may be too low to be practically useful for finding mutant alleles by TILLING.  However the population could be useful for mutant screens based on phenotype.  

Seed are available in limited quantities only (ca. 5-25 seed per line).  For more information, please contact Roger Chetelat ( or Luca Comai (